Organizational Structure

Porto Seguro S.A. (“Company”) is a corporation created to concentrate the shareholding control of Porto Seguro Companhia de Seguros Gerais and its subsidiaries, thereby facilitating the development of other insurance-related activities.

Porto Seguro is made up of insurance, financial service and general service companies.

Porto Seguro Investimentos Ltda. (“Porto Investimentos”) – Directly controlled by Porto Seguro S.A., its activity is the administration and management of securities portfolios, investment funds and other third party resources.

Porto Seguro Locadora de Veículos Ltda. (“Porto Locadora”) – Incorporated and controlled by Porto Seguro Serviços e Comércio S.A., and is engaged in the rental and outsourcing of vehicles or vehicle fleets.

Health for Pet: Health for Pet Administradora de Planos de Saúde para Animais de Estimação Ltda. (“Health For Pet or H4P”) – Controlled by Porto Seguro Serviços e Comércio S.A. (100%), was acquired for 64% in April 2015 and its remaining in 2019. Its activities are to manage and offer health plans for pets as well as providing veterinary services in general.

Porto Seguro Companhia de Seguros Gerais (“Porto Seguro”) – a Brazilian company, controlled by the Company (all but one share) which operates in the property and casualty and life insurance sectors.

Porto Seguro Vida e Previdência S.A. (“Porto Seguro Vida”) – a Porto Seguro subsidiary that operates with supplementary pension plans and life insurance.

Porto Seguro – Seguro Saúde S.A. (“Porto Seguro Saúde”) – a Porto Seguro subsidiary created on June 12, 2011 to operate exclusively with health insurance, pursuant to Law 10185/2001.

Porto Seguro Serviços Odontológicos S.A (“Porto Odonto”) – A Porto Seguro subsidiary since June 2011, has as main activity the operation of dental assistance private plans.

Porto Seguro – Seguros Del Uruguay S.A. (“Porto Seguro Uruguay”) – a wholly-owned Porto Seguro subsidiary which mostly operates with auto insurance.

Itaú Seguros de Auto e Residência S.A. – a direct Company subsidiary of the since November 30, 2009, Itaú Seguros de Auto e Residência S.A. explores damage insurance operations.

Azul Companhia de Seguros Gerais (formerly AXA Seguros Brasil S.A.), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company acquired on November 28, 2003 operating in property and casualty and group-life insurance segments. The Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of July 29, 2004 approved a change in the company’s corporate name from AXA Seguros Brasil S.A. to Azul Companhia de Seguros Gerais (“Azul Seguros”).

Porto Seguro Consórcios manages purchasing pools made up of individuals who unite their funds to acquire automobiles and real estate. On September 30, 2004, Porto Seguro Consórcios managed 25 purchasing pools for durable goods, mainly vehicles, and 54 for real estate.

Portoseg began offering loans and financing to individuals for the purchase of goods in March 2002.

Portopar began administration/management of financial assets in 1997.

Porto Seguro Serviços Médicos Ltda. (“Serviços Médicos”) – a wholly-owned Porto Seguro subsidiary, established on July 15, 1996, this company provides medical control programs and outpatient services.

Porto Seguro Serviços e Comércio S/A (“Porto Seguro Serviços”) – a direct Company subsidiary, Porto Seguro Serviços was established on February 14, 2008 to provide services related to, complementing and correlated with insurance activities.

Porto Atendimento – a direct Company subsidiary, Porto Atendimento began operations in 2009 and provides the corporation with call center services.

Porto Conecta – a direct Company subsidiary, Porto Telecomunicações received authorization from Anatel in 2011 to provide telecommunications services as a virtual operator (MVNO).

Porto Seguro Proteção e Monitoramento Ltda. (“Porto Seguro Proteção e Monitoramento”) – a direct Company subsidiary, this company was established on January 9, 1998 to provide protection and electronic monitoring services.

Creditporto Promotora de Serviços Ltda. (“Crediporto”) – a direct Company subsidiary, this company was established in 2006 to provide services focusing on consumer credit and financing.

Porto Seguro Renova – Serviços e Comércio Ltda. (New designation for Portoserv Promotora de Serviços Ltda.) – Was constituted in April 18th, 1979. Since September 28th, 2012 has as principal activity operate recycling waste and metal scraps from vehicles and distribution of new and second-hand automotive parts.

Portomed – Porto Seguro Serviços de Saúde S.A. (“Portomed S.A.”) – a direct Company subsidiary, this company was established on January 20, 2010, and will operate with private health insurance plans. However, it will only become operational after receiving authorization from the ANS (Brazil’s health sector regulatory body).

Porto Seguro Serviços Odontológicos S.A. (‘’Porto Odonto’’) – A direct company subsidiary from Porto Seguro S.A since June 2011 that has as main activity the private plans operations of dental assistance.

Porto Seguro Capitalização (‘’Porto Capitalização’’) – Controlled by Porto Seguro Cia. De Seguros Gerais, it was constituted on May 7th, 2012. Has the activity of managing and commercialization of capitalization securities.

Porto Servicios S.A. (‘’Porto Serviços Uruguai’’) – Subsidiary from Porto Seguro Serviços e Comércio since August 2nd, 2012. It‘s being structured and has the objective of operate offering related services, complementary or correlated to the insurance activity in Uruguay.