Mission and Philosophy

“What good are skyscrapers if there are no more human souls to live in them.”
Érico Veríssimo


Our mission is taking risks through top-notch quality services exceeding clients expectations and ensuring agility at competitive costs with social and environmental responsibility.


Porto Seguro is the group of people formed by its employees, managers, shareholders, brokers, service providers and business partners who, jointly and individually, are guided by the following values, examples and commitments: cooperation, transparency, justice and the attitude to serve with genuine interest.

  • The pursuit of perfection demands humility, determination and patience.
  • Everyone has the right to participate and put forward their opinion through dialog in an egalitarian and ethical manner.
  • Mistakes do happen and must be assumed and rectified immediately as an opportunity for learning, improvement and growth.
  • Work must be performed with enthusiasm and seen as an opportunity for development.
  • The dedication of each person should go beyond the responsibilities of their job.
  • One should not use their position for personal benefits, but maintain a posture of simplicity and unselfishness.
  • It is our responsibility to provide simple, flexible, agile and integrated management.
  • Prepare successors who are capable of expanding the Organization’s horizons.
  • Professional achievement should be the result of stimulus to self-development and the pursuit of fresh challenges.