Corporate Presentation


Porto Seguro S.A. history started in 1945, when the company began to sell insurance in the city of São Paulo. At that time, it was a small company ranked as the 44th non-life insurance company in Brazil and composed of only 25 employees. Currently, Porto Seguro is the largest insurance company in the country and the leader in the automobile, residential and commercial segments. The company has an operational structure and distribution chain of approximately 13 thousand employees, 55 branches and regional offices across the Country, 34 thousand independent brokers and 13 thousand service providers.

Porto Seguro has approximately 13 million clients distributed across different business lines and is recognized for its word-class customer and broker service and for the high quality of the offered services.

In 2003, the company expanded its market reach through the acquisition of Azul Seguros, which is mainly focused on offering auto insurance. Prior to this acquisition, Azul Seguros was called AXA Brasil and was a subsidiary of the multinational French insurance company AXA.

In 2009, Porto Seguro and Itaú Unibanco Holding celebrated a business combination involving their home and auto insurance operations, whereby Porto Seguro obtained the exclusive right to offer and distribute residential and auto insurance products in the Itaú’s sales channels. This business combination made it possible for both companies to combine their standards of excellence, offering products that are more suited to the various market segments, through the brands Porto Seguro, Itaú Auto and Residência and Azul Seguros.

The business combination between the two companies changed the corporate structure of Porto Seguro, so that today the controlling block is made up of the Garfinkel family and Itaú Unibanco, which hold, respectively, 40.4% and 30.4% of the shares. The 29.2% of the remaining shares are traded in the stock exchange.

Porto Seguro has implemented innovative and synergistic solutions to the insurance businesses, enabling the company to enhance the loyalty of its clients. As a pioneer in the development of a wide range of products and services, the Company launched the policyholder profile for risk underwriting analysis, the Car+Home Insurante, Auto Repair Shops (CAPS), Fast Convenience Center (CAR), Bike Assistance and other products such as Health insurance, Credit Card and Consortium, among others.

Recently in 2021, Porto Seguro segmented its businesses into four verticals: Insurance, Healthcare, Bank and Services. It aims to increase autonomy and the focus on each business, leveraging solutions that drive operation growth.

Among Porto Seguro’s most recent launches, there are Azul por Assinatura e Auto Fácil Itaú, subscription insurance products with more affordable prices and the potential to contribute to market expansion by including new clients that still do not have auto insurance; Aluguel Essencial, a landlord insurance more agile, digital and cheaper than the traditional product; and Reppara, a repair assistance service for retails and business-to-business operations.

In addition, among Porto Seguro’s most recent initiatives, it also stands out its M&A deals, such as the acquisition of a stake of Segfy, which offers technological and innovative solutions for brokers; the transaction with Petlove, which involved the transfer of Porto.Pet (veterinary medicinal services), allowing Porto Seguro to be a partner of the largest company in Brazil for online sales of pet products; the acquisition of part of ConectCar, one of the main companies in the segment of automatic payments in toll roads, parking lots and drive-thrus as well as other services, through tag; the purchase of a stake in Atar, a tech company that develops banking as a service (BaaS) solutions and banking infrastructure for companies, reinforcing Porto Seguro’s strategy to accelerate the transformation to the digital market; the agreement for the purchase of a stake in Plugify, a company in the technology segment that offers electronic equipment rental and integrated IT management for the corporate segment; acquisition of a stake in Tech4, a Brazilian startup focused on developing hyperautomation solutions and technologies for financial institutions and insurance companies; the agreement with Oncoclínicas to offer a comprehensive care to cancer patients, ensuring a high level of experience in the treatment journey, excellent assistance and operational efficiency; coinsurance agreement with Mitsui Sumitomo on its auto, homeowner, and SMEs small and medium-sized enterprises products; the merger of Porto Assistência with CDF, a B2B assistance company with major players in the market as customers; and the acquisition of Unigás, an installation and technical assistance company to gas heating systems.

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